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Ashley and Katelyn are some of the most knowledgeable sleep consultants I've come across in the past 5 years. Every single thing they teach is backed by science.


Kyra F.

CFRW Sleep Consultant Academy Student

We know this course is amazing, but we want you to see for yourself!

You'll receive sample modules from all 6 units of the course:

  • Unit 1: Foundations

    All the pre-requisite knowledge you need to be an evidence-based sleep consultant, including the "why" behind sleep science and sleep hygiene.

  • Unit 2: Sleep Modification

    Every baby and every family is so different. We teach you ALL methods of parent-responsive sleep training to work with all different temperaments and parenting styles.

  • Unit 3: Age Considerations

    While most courses charge you extra to earn about working with newborns and toddlers, these modules dive deep into the nuances of working with difference age groups.

  • Unit 4: Sleep Disturbers

    Teething and milestones and time changes, oh my! Help your clients through all the most common sleep rough patches.

  • Unit 5: Working With Families

    Learn how to interpret intake forms, choose the right method for your clients, share resources with families struggling with postpartum mood disorders, explain the correlation between sleep and attachment, work with different parenting styles, and more!

  • Unit 6: Business Building

    We want you to hit the ground running with all the knowledge and tools you need to build a successful business! From social media to time management to legal aspects of business, we got you covered!

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