Come learn ALL the details about our Sleep Consultant Academy in our Webinar!

Ashley and Katelyn are some of the most knowledgeable sleep consultants I've come across in the past 5 years. Every single thing they teach is backed by science.


Kyra F.

CFRW Sleep Consultant Academy Student

We answer all your burning questions, including:

  • Who are the founders?

    Ashley and Katelyn introduce themselves and talk about their start as exhausted mothers struggling with postpartum mood disorders, to becoming sleep consultants, to building multiple successful business, and now why they want to help you do the same!

  • Learn about the program

    And why it's different from the other programs in the market! Learn about our holistic and evidence-based approach, and why we cover every aspect- from sleep science to attachment-so that you can be the best consultant you can be!

  • The benefits of being a student of our Sleep Consultant Academy

    Want to know about what you get when you enroll? Learn about our expert trainings, quarterly continuing education, included business coaching membership, opportunities for paid internships upon graduation, and more!

  • Sneak peek at the course

    We go over each unit and what you'll learn, and introduce you to all of our amazing expert instructors!

  • Alllll the FAQs!

    Is it self-paced? How long does it take? Do we offer payment plans? Do we require monthly dues like some programs? Can you be a sleep consultant as a side business? Where is your certification valid? How do you talk to your spouse or partner about enrolling? (with special guests our husbands talking about what they thought when we talked to them about becoming consultants!) ...and many more questions answered!



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